Episode 118: Dawson High w/ Jeff Kish

Dawson High was a punk band from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Their members were Joshua, Jeff, Robbie, and Timmy. I asked Mr. Jeff Kish what their sound was and he said “What do you consider Weston or Digger? Pennsylvania Punk?” I said, “That works.”

Jeff is the dude that I mistook Jesse Short for in his interview Episode 76. You can hear that story at the beginning of both interviews.

You’ll most likely remember their split with The Juliana Theory who incidentally has a new song out with a music video by Jesse Korman of The Number Twelve Looks Like You (Episode 106).

There’s a part in the middle where it jumps from talking about the reunion show to Weston breaking up. You’ll hear me break in and explain what happened.

I got Jeff on the Skype and this is what we talked about:

  • Discussing how I mistook him for Jesse Short from Weston
  • The awesomeness of Dave Weston
  • The scene in the Pittsburgh area
  • Following Brian Granik to Barker’s party
  • Playing in Digger
  • Playing in Weston
  • New Bedford Fest
  • The split with Juliana Theory
  • Their reunion show in 2007
  • Weston breaking up
  • Cordova
  • The scene in Brooklyn in the late 2000s
  • Putting on The infamous At the Drive-in / Knapsack show that’s on youtube
  • And a ton more

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