Episode 111: In Defense Of Ska w/ Aaron Carnes

In a mix of interviews, essays, personal stories, historical snapshots, obscure anecdotes, and think pieces, In Defense of Ska dissects, analyzes, and celebrates ska in exactly the way fans have been craving for decades. This book will enlist ska-lovers as soldiers in the ska army, and challenge ska-haters’ prejudices to the core.

Ships in April 2021 including special ska swag and surprises.

Thanks to Adam from Link 80 for the intro. I got Aaron on the Skype and this is what we talked about.

  • His band Gnarboots with Adam from Link 80
  • seeing skanking pickle for the first time
  • How he met Mike Park
  • The normalness of Mike Park
  • How was he as a roadie
  • Getting his book on Clash Books
  • A snippet from his book about Slow Gherkin
  • The real story behind Ska Sucks by Propagandhi
  • Some more snippets from the book
  • the story behind the book’s cover artwork
  • And a ton more

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