Episode 067: Third Year Fresham/Throttle Jockey w/ Crazy Tom Martin

Tom Martin is a Pennsylvania legend known for his time in Third Year Freshmen and Throttle Jockey with Brian from Plow United.

I’ve talked about Tom on so many episodes that I just had to get him on here. And it was completely worth it.

If you get a chance to look up his newer stuff on Spotify because it’s really fucking good. I added Summer Legs to my personal playlist and can’t get that damn song out of my head.

I got Tom on the phone and this is what we talked about

  • Hair Metal
  • Recording super weird music as a teenager
  • Lollapalooza
  • Calling the Villanova Radio show on Saturday nights
  • Going to the halloween party at Arik from Creep Records house
  • Meeting Weston for the first time
  • How he became Crazy Tom Martin
  • Keeping food in his wallet
  • The Good Riddance Show
  • Tom Big Wig’s last show with Felix Frump
  • Forming Throttle Jockey
  • Playing with Anal Cunt
  • The Flash Paper story
  • Chris Gethard
  • And a SHIT ton more

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