Episode 041: Plow United w/ Brian Mcgee

Plow United is an American punk rock who formed in Wilmington, Delaware in 1992. They played fast punk rock with pop, thrashcore and hardcore influences. Their lyrics are sometimes labeled “emo” postfact. Band members are Brian McGee (vocals and guitar), Sean Rule (drums) and Joel Tannenbaum (bass).

In 1996, the band recorded and released their second record (“Goodnight Sellout”), and received attention from major labels. They declined to pursue a career in rock and roll, however, and in 1997 the band broke up at the height of its popularity. In 1998 Creep Records released a posthumous third LP (“Narcolepsy”), a darker take on the band’s loose, aggressive pop-punk sound. In 1998, Plow United reformed to play three shows in New York and Pennsylvania to promote the release of “Narcolepsy”.

They got back together in 2011 to play some shows including Gainesville. Florida’s FEST, and recorded a full length in 2012 called Marching band.

Arik from Creep Records said I should reach out to Brian. I did and here’s what we talk about:

  • Their “show” with Busta Rhymes
  • Playing in the High School band having an influence on Plow
  • Who was the main songwriter in the band
  • Throttle Jockey hair on fire story
  • The Bouncing Souls
  • Their time on Creep Records
  • How they have a ton of merch left over
  • Making merch to help save Day Laborers
  • His chance to sing in a little band called Kid Dynamite
  • Square Dancing
  • And a ton more

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