Episode 030: New Found Glory w/ Ian Grushka

New Found Glory are a pop-punk band from Coral Springs, Florida who formed in 1997. Matt from Red Leader Records introduced me to them 20 years ago saying they were going to be huge. Once they released Nothing Gold Can Stay their career went apeshit. These dudes used to frequent New Jersey and owe a bit of their success to local NJ heroes Midtown for introducing them to Drive-Thru Records.

Heath From Midtown connected me to Ian through Instagram where I asked if he’d like to talk about the origins of the band, Ian said yes and this is what we talked about:

  • How his first bass was hot merchandise
  • Using weed to get to know bands
  • Envisioning being in a large band at the age of 13
  • Their first tour with Vacant Andys
  • Coming up with the name on a napkin at a red lobster
  • What the Florida scene was like
  • Who really got them on Drive Thru – Rob Hitt or Gabe Saporta
  • Mentioning the One Cool Guy skate park show in Fl
  • Did they get shit from Shai Hulud fans?
  • How he got Drive Thru to make the band tour
  • His fear of flying
  • Recording with Jerry Finn
  • Fucking up on stage at a home town show
  • His Friendship with Chris from Less Than Jake
  • Smoking up with Snoop Dogg
  • And a ton more

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