Episode 230: Donuts N’ Glory Pt. 2 w/ Freddie Torres

Donuts N’ Glory were a band from SoCal. They opened for bigger acts, like No Use for A Name, Suicide Machines, Nonsense, Ten Foot Pole, The Queers, The Quincy Punks, etc. In 1996 they recorded “When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth” at Westbeach in Hollywood with Donell Cameron, the same studio where Fat Wreck Chords had used for recording many of its bands in their early years. After the release of their record, they toured the west coast once, and toured to the east coast and back twice. A second album was never recorded.

This is an accidental 2 part interview. I talked to their drummer Gary in Episode 114 which you can find on youtube or thiswasthescene.com since podcast apps only keep your current 100 episodes. Hey said I should talk to Freddie so he connected us and this is what we chat about:

  • Their upcoming reunion shows
  • Were they rusty at the first practice
  • Traveling the world solo
  • Seeing Sublime before they became Sublime
  • Putting out their 7in
  • Keeping a journal
  • Playing new old songs at the reunion shows
  • Are they writing new songs
  • And a ton more

Go follow their IG www.instagram.com/donutsngloryofficial

Their Saturday show on Aug 3rd is sold out but they have tickets left for their Friday Aug 2nd show. You can buy them by CLICKING HERE

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