Episode 229: As Friends Rust w/ Damien Moyal

As Friends Rust is an American melodic hardcore band based in Gainesville, Florida. The original line-up, which included vocalist Damien Moyal, guitarist Henry Olmino, bass guitarist Jeronimo Gomez, and drummer Matthew Crum, formed in Davie, Florida in September 1996. After recording a demo tape but failing to secure a record deal, the band parted ways in February 1997.

Check out their latest album Any Joy which was released last year and is available wherever you get your music. 

I got Damien on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • Starting Shai Hulud
  • Why he was in so many bands
  • The reason for multiple lineups in the beginning
  • My band playing a show with them on tour
  • Signing to Doghouse Records
  • Not having a specific sound for the band
  • Narrowly avoiding dying on multiple occasions
  • The Polish Mafia gig
  • Annoucing new songs in 2008 with no delivery
  • Which does he like better, Fest or Furnace Fest
  • And a ton more

Lastly I started doing whiteboard animations so if your marketing department has said recently “Hey, we need a whiteboard animation” then email me at mike@drive80.com

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