Episode 226: The Locust w/ Justin Pearson

The Locust was an American hardcore punk band from San Diego, known for their mix of grindcore speed and aggression, and new wave experimentation complexity. Vocalist/bassist Justin Pearson said, “I wanted to change the way people perceive music, or maybe just destroy it in general.” The Locust’s music is complex, dynamic and fast-paced, often featuring abrupt and inconsistent time-signature changes. These erratic elements are, according to vocalist/guitarist Bobby Bray, “a reflection of perhaps how our brains have to function in order to be able to do anything in the Western societies we live in.”

I got Justin on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • How the uniforms came about
  • Getting kicked out of the house at 16
  • What it was like recording
  • Touring with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Getting shit for signing to Epitaph
  • The Extreme Elvis interview
  • Being on the Jerry Springer Show
  • Head Wound City
  • And a ton more

Check out his podcast Cult and Culture which is his podcast along with producer and musician Luke Henshaw. The show explores the DIY-driven, subversive world of art and culture, featuring a diverse array of guests from various subcultures. The podcast, recorded at PengOne Studios in San Diego, offers frank, informal, and well-informed conversations with guests ranging from Grammy-winning musicians, to actors like John Waters, and to Black Panther Party members. The aim is to blur traditional guest-host lines and foster casual openness. “Cult and Culture” is available wherever you podcast.

Check out Justin’s other projects including Deaf Club and the Mike Patton fronted Dead Cross.

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