Episode 222: Baxter & The Lawrence Arms w/ Neil Hennessy

Neil Kevin Hennessy (born December 12, 1978) is a punk rock musician, music producer and engineer from Chicago, Illinois. Hennessy currently plays in The Lawrence Arms, Colossal, The Falcon, The Smoking Popes, Sparta and is currently filling in on bass for Rise Against on their Blink 182 tour down in Australia because Joe the bassist had to fly home for personal stuff. He has also been a member of Noise By Numbers, Baxter, The Killing Tree, Quattro and played multiple shows with Teenage Bottlerocket.

Fun fact, he co-wrote the Rise Against song “Swing Life Away” with McIlrath, and also played percussion on the Less Than Jake album, GNV FLA. 

I got him on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • All the projects he’s working on
  • Joining Baxter
  • The Chicago scene
  • Killing Tree
  • The Whipple House
  • the Lawrence Arms starting
  • Matt Allison
  • Oh Calcutta
  • The Falcon
  • How the Lawrence Arms practices for shows now a days
  • The War On Christmas
  • Writing a new album
  • The infamous Hennessy Painting
  • And a ton more

Be on the lookout for the Lawrence Arms new album sometime in the next year or so based on what he told me.

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