Episode 220: Go-Kart Records w/ Greg Ross

Go-Kart Records was an independent record label specializing in punk rock located in New York City that was most active from 1995 to 2005. It also had a European division in Mannheim, Germany.

Some of the bands on the label you may have heard of were Weston, The Lunachicks, Wives, iFarm, Doc Hopper, Boris the Sprinkler, Plan A Project, Vision of Disorder, The Menzingers, and a ton more.

I’ve been hounding Greg to come on the podcast for the past year and he finally said yes which made me extremely happy because this is one of my favorite interviews.

Side note, The Victory comp I couldn’t remember the name of was Incompatible

I got Greg on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • Red Leader Matt Rosenberg
  • Putting on Fugazi’s first show in NY
  • Having money stolen by his business partner
  • Butt Steak
  • What the logo design is based on
  • Weston’s effect on the label
  • The Double Exposure Comp
  • Their video comp
  • CBGBs
  • Meeting the Lunachicks
  • The Village People story
  • Signing the Menzingers
  • Getting fucked over by Koch
  • The Joey Ramone / Joan Jett / Debbie Harry story
  • And a ton more

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