Episode 210: The Progress w/ Evan Weiss

The Progress were an indie rock band from Cherry Hill, NJ and existed from 2001 to 2008. They were four grade school friends who learned how to play music (and their instruments) together. In their lifespan, they wrote two EP’s and a LP. They spent the majority of their time as a band winning the hearts of girls in their 20’s and getting booked on metal shows that didn’t make any sense playing. Live and learn. Their singer Evan went on to start his own project Into It. Over It. while living in Chicago, IL. He also plays in Their / They’re / There and Pet Symmetry.

There’s a funny story on how this interview happened but you’ll have to listen to hear what that was. So I got Evan on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • His Patreon for his record label
  • Finding The NJPP archive
  • Releasing Merit on vinyl
  • Lobster Records
  • Negative Progression Records
  • Starting Into It. Over It. Solo 
  • Currently working for reverb.com
  • The pee story
  • And a ton more

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This week’s non paid shot out is for my buddy Chris Vaglio who is a member of the NJPP Facebook group and also played in Situation at 1200.

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