Episode 196: Crank! A Record Company w/ Jeff Matlow

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crank! A Record Company was an independent record label which was started by Jeff Matlow in September 1994. The label “played a huge role in the spreading of emo in the mid-’90s”, according to Alternative Press magazine. The label’s first release was a 7″ by Vitreous Humor, released under the name Geerhead Records; all subsequent releases were issued as Crank!

I got Jeff Matlow on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • His current career as a business consultant
  • Working with James Brown
  • Mineral
  • Starting his other company SaulGoodman
  • Why he released a ton of 7inches
  • Meeting Brett Gurewitz
  • Mineral breaking up
  • The Sensefield, Jimmy Eat World, Mineral split 7”
  • The Icarus Line
  • Bright Eyes
  • And a ton more

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This week’s episode is sponsored by the band American Television.

American Television are a gritty pop-punk band from the DC area that has shared the stage with Piebald, Spanish Love Songs, Dirty Nil, The Copyrights, and many more. Their new song, Moments, is out today on all streaming services and will be featured on the exclusive 12-inch Fest 20 Comp, available through Sell The Heart Records and at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. October 28-30. 

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