Episode 062: REPOST Buddyhead w/ Travis Keller

Buddyhead Records was an independent record label from HollywoodCalifornia that sprouted from the website of the same name. The label was started in 2000 with the pressing of a seven-inch single from The Icarus Line (“Kill Cupid With A Nail File”) and ended almost exactly ten years later.

The thing that I remember Buddyhead for are their posts where they gave out phone numbers and emails of bands they didn’t like so people could fuck with them. What triggered my memory was talking to Alex Sarti in episode 57 (go check that one out after this one) and Buddyhead was brought up after Alex and I started talking about the time Midtown flipped there van and what Buddyhead wrote about it.

I got Travis Keller’s info from someone telling me about his Instagram account TravisMichaelKeller and I reached out to him.

I got him on the phone and this is what we talked about:

  • Meeting people through his photography
  • Calling Dave Navaro
  • How they got so many phone numbers
  • Living in Tarzana
  • The Icarus Line
  • The Transplants not digging one of the posts
  • Fred Durst
  • Is he still down with Buddyhead following him
  • Drive-thru Records
  • And a ton more

Check out his new project http://americanprimitive.org/

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