Episode 180: Tripface w/ Scott Jarzombek

In 1992, Tripface was born. They began to organize and play shows with their friends within their small town, in basements, recreation halls, and garages. For the most part, they were parties, gatherings of a handful of skaters, metalheads, and geeks from the local area high schools. The bills were always shared with their friends Grid and a mix of side projects.

Playing a cross of 1990s metalcore and NYHC, the band grew in popularity on Long Island and began to make a dent on the East Coast. After a few months, the band recorded the Closed In demo. 

They would go on to play many shows, including CBGBs, the QE2, Right Track Inn, the PWAC, and the Wetlands, sharing stages with bands like Warzone, Sheer Terror, Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, and Outburst. The rest of the information you will find out in this interview.

I think this time Monkey told me about their FB account where I got in touch with Scott and this is what we chat about:

  • Loving the obscure hardcore bands
  • What was their message
  • Getting into fights
  • Stony brooks radio station
  • How they got on the Weston show I always talk about
  • What was Earth Crisis like
  • His anxiety with playing large shows
  • The reunion show
  • Who put their songs on Spotify
  • And a ton more

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