Episode 174: Dog Pound w/ Jefferson Campoli

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Dog Pound were early 90’s punks with a van-load of attitude from Passaic County, NJ. They toured the US from dive bars to legion halls to basements to pizza joints.

Real quick, the connection we had wasn’t great so there are some spots where it sounds like the audio jumps around. That’s because there were random delays when Jeff was talking so some stories have weird transitions mid sentence.

I contacted him through his FB account, asked him to chat, he said yes, and this is what we talk about:

  • Not starting off punk rock
  • Getting told to grow his hair
  • What made them start putting on legion hall shows
  • Forgetting the words while playing live
  • Sound Exchange in Wayne, NJ
  • Playing with Jawbox
  • Having an edge as a band
  • King Dickley Kool
  • Getting soured by the scene change
  • The Heroine story and shit on the walls stories
  • And a ton more

You can visit their Dog Pound bandcamp page to listen to their albums.

You can also check out his songs on bandcamp. 

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