Episode 169: Hankshaw w/ Harold Hasselback

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Known for singer Harold’s beautifully bespoke tenor vocals, Tampa, FL’s Hankshaw (founded in 1994) played melodic indie rock- emo. The band saw releases on Network Sound, Doghouse Records, No Idea Records (among others) and tours with Hot Water Music, Elliott, Ann Beretta and more.

I heard about these guys from my dude Casey Lee Morgan when my old band first traveled to FL and he put us up. Go check Casey’s business Sparkway Smoke & Vapor shop in Bloomingdale and Netcong, NJ.

I reached out to Harold on the Hankshaw IG account, asked him to chat, he said yes, and here’s what we chat about:

  • Limbert Fabian
  • Carrying a machete in his car to shows
  • Their label Network Sound
  • What Joined In The Sky is about
  • Playing shows with no lyrics 
  • Developing his high octave range
  • The whole story about King Kandy
  • Why he stopped doing music
  • Are they going to do some new stuff?
  • The story about them at the Real World house in New Orleans
  • And a ton more

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Here’s a clip from their artist Tom Barrett’s song “Together, Together, Together” from the Five Songs EP.

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