Episode 151: Small Empire / Buddyhead / Day 19 Photography w/ Jeremy Weiss

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Jeremy Weiss is one-half of the photography company, Day 19. He runs it with his wife Claire and together they take some amazing photographs for some very large Clients. What does this have to do with the late 90s scene? Well, you may have seen Jeremy’s photos in the Stay What You Are album and also Piebald’s We’re The Only Friends We Have. He also was part of the team that opened up Small Empire in NJ and worked for Buddyhead. You can hear Travis Keller talk about Buddyhead in Episode 62.

Thanks to Rama from Episode 148 for mentioning Jeremy at the very beginning of his interview which lead to us connecting and this interview. I got Jeremy on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • Small Empire
  • Hiring “Telly” from Kids
  • Day 19 the ska band
  • Starting his photography career because of Norm from Texas is the Reason
  • Jon Cheese
  • Getting involved with Buddyhead
  • Running GTFU radio in LA
  • Shooting the photos that are in Save’s the Day’s Stay What You Are album artwork
  • Shooting photos for the Myspace secret shows
  • Playing Risk with Piebald all day
  • Rama from Big Wheel
  • Converse seeing the photo he took of Casey from Hot Rod Circuit
  • Keith Morris’ stories on his radio show
  • And a ton more

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