Episode 147: Grey AM w/ Chris Murray & Todd Fogle

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The Grey AM was a punk band from Herndon, PA who released full-lengths on Fiddler Records, and One Day Savior Recordings. They also did splits with Mid Carson July, One Line Drawing, Ruined in a Day, and Juliana Theory.

I actually did an interview with Bryon Lippincott about Mid Carson July (episode 127) where he talked about being best buds with these dudes so I had to get them on.

I got Todd and Murray on the Skype and this is what we chat about:

  • The Goth Scene
  • Murray creating his own tunings
  • Stealing members from other local bands
  • Playing the first Fest
  • Using fire on stage (this is where the interview really starts to get great)
  • Lighting bottle rockets off their guitars
  • Vampire Teeth merch
  • Fiddler Records
  • Ipecac
  • Catching a girls hair on fire
  • Watching porn with The Locust
  • The crackhead story
  • Shooting fireworks at bands
  • And a ton more

Lastly, I’ll be at FEST in October if all things work out with this Delta thing so if you have any way for me to get backstage at some shows please let me know.

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