Episode 143: Braid w/ Chris Broach

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This is a repost from my interview with Chris back in 2019 and here is what we chat about:

  • The band not having a digestible sound
  • Skating with the dudes from Cap’n Jazz when they were in High School
  • Teaching himself how to play guitar based on what he thought sounded good
  • How he joined the band
  • Chicago pride
  • Touring a lot burning out the band
  • The Actuality of Thought DVD
  • Frame and Canvas (this part is sick)
  • Damon’s drumming
  • And a ton more

Here’s what Chris said about his Colorectal Cancer:

I’m doing better. I’m a little over 7 months post-chemo. All the scans have been clear, and my blood work is good (clear), as well. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, I have some neuropathy from the chemo – numb feet and numb fingertips. So running and jumping around is out of the question. Playing guitar is a little different because my fingertips don’t feel anything – but I can do it. If the numbness will go away is still a question, but may take 18-24 months – and it may never go away.

I have heart issues as well – because the chemo gave me a heart attack – only less than 1% of people are affected that way, and unfortunately I was one of them… I had no heart issues before – but now I’m a cardiac failure patient, meaning I have to take heart meds for the rest of my life, probably. Though my heart is doing fine as of my last check-up…

There is still a 60% chance of recurrence most likely to occur within the first year to two years… so I’m holding out for that 2nd year to be cancer-free. I’d like to be in that 40% who doesn’t have a recurrence.

I had to have my intestines put back together after almost a year of an ileostomy. I’m doing better now, and the scar on my belly is just a reminder of my bout with cancer. I’m lucky it wasn’t permanent. That was put back together in February and things are getting back to normal there.

Lots of stuff to worry about and some changes to my life, but I’m alive. That’s what matters to me and my family… my kids.

I’m working on new music and trying to remain focused on the future, rather than worrying about what did happen – or what could happen.

I’m focused on making time for my family and my kids as much as possible, as well.

It was hell, treatment, that is. I almost died. I’m lucky to be alive. 😉

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