Episode 137: The O.G. Evolution Kid w/ peter wonsowski

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peter wonsowski is the dude who created that spikey blonde punk kid who represented Less Than Jake in the late 90s and resides as a tattoo on many people’s bodies. He’s done artwork for Less Than Jake, The Impossibles, Pinball Records, Shower With Goats, Paul McCartney, the Bill Murray documentary, and a shit ton of others.

I tried getting him on the podcast a while back but due to COVID being a bitch, it took a while. Luckily he finally gave in and we have a solid conversation. And here’s what we talk about:

  • Using his gut for his design projects
  • Creating the artwork for The Bill Murray
  • Becoming friends with the NJ Joystick dudes
  • Designing the artwork for Less Than Jake’s latest album Silver Lining
  • His design process that basically blows my mind
  • Our thoughts on NFTs
  • The Broadways and Tuesday
  • Designing for Paul McCartney
  • Breaking down his doodles on his website
  • The artwork for Greased
  • Supermarket Allstars
  • Creating artwork for The Impossibles
  • Shower with Goats CD release show
  • Designing Plow United’s artwork for Three
  • Easter eggs in his artwork
  • And a ton more

Check his work out at peterwonsowski.myportfolio.com for concept, content, graphic design, illustration, packaging, production, merchandising, marketing, Print, Digital + Social campaigns with enthusiasm to meet all deadlines.

I say Peapack in the beginning but then correct it later so I figured I’d mention that now so Jersey folks don’t lose their shit.

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