Episode 129: Against All Authority w/ Joe Koontz

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Against All Authority was founded in Florida in 1992. A strong engagement in political and social issues is clearly evident in their lyrics. The band maintains a fierce DIY stance influenced by the approach of the Dead Kennedys and Subhumans. Early in their career, the band decided to book concerts, make recordings and even produce band T-shirts on their own. Their first release was a 7″ called “Above The Law” in 1994. Later they signed to independent label Hopeless Records, becoming one of their major bands. In addition to touring and recording, the band is frequently involved in demonstrations and social projects. They have also influenced a number of other bands.

I got Joe on the Skype and this is what we talk about:

  • The punk rock museum
  • Being a band from Miami, FL
  • Hurricane Andrew’s impact on the band
  • The Crumbs
  • Farout Records
  • Who did their artwork
  • Where the Farout Records logo came from
  • Their bromance with Plan A Project
  • Dealing with the cops
  • The band Onyx ripping them off
  • And a ton more

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