Episode 122: Booking Bands w/ Nick Storch

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Nick Storch is a premier booking agent as Angelo from Grieving Eucalyptus (episode 116) explains in his Instagram introduction to Nick.

Here’s the list of bands Nick has worked with over the years:

Bouncing Souls, Face to Face Scene bands, Kill Your Idols, Fairweather, Hope Conspiracy, Breaking Pangaea, Darkest Hour, Ghost, Frank Turner, Ice T, Sevendust, Baroness, Underoath, and a shit ton more. Nick grew up in the PA scene playing in a band, promoting shows, and then finally becoming an agent.

I was lucky enough to get him on the Skype and this is what we talk about:

  • Managing the Bouncing Souls
  • his obsession with vintage merch
  • His band the Side Affects
  • Kind of being a part of Plow United playing Riot Fest
  • Recording at the Creep House
  • The funny story that involves Angelo from Grieving Eucalyptus
  • Signing Coheed
  • Working with Sparta
  • His thoughts on Weston
  • And a ton more

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