Episode 121: Negative Progression Records w/ Seth Hyman

Negative Progression Records was a label that formed in 1998 by Seth Hyman and released some of the best indie, emo, pop-punk, hardcore, and metal bands. The catalog included such bands as Counterfeit, Over It, 5 Driver, The June Spirit, Bounder, and a ton more. I remembered NPR from back in the day when they released the 5 Driver’s album “Self Proclaimed Rock Stars” which I thought was quite a ballsy name.

I connected with Seth, got him on the Skype, and this is what we chat about:

  • The 5 Driver artwork
  • The show with skinheads vs. straight edge kids
  • His band Lipmonger
  • Starting Negative Progression
  • Dealing with band breakups
  • Playing a show where Hopeless happened to be in the crowd
  • Over It leaving the label to go to Lobster Records
  • Dealing with bands on the label
  • Almost signing Midtown
  • The Substance Free Coalition
  • Bands that he wasn’t able to sign
  • Lumberjack Distribution
  • And a ton more

Click here to check out their bandcamp page 

You can also hire Seth to represent you legally at www.sethhymanlaw.com

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I also want to talk about a nonprofit organization called Pizzastock.

The Jason R Flood Memorial is a newly established non-profit founded after the suicide death of Jason Flood. It began as a way for the youth in our community to communicate with one another and know that they are not alone. Our goal is to raise awareness of suicide prevention and to feel comfortable to speak up and reach out when warning signs are recognized. We have partnered with other local mental health providers and organizations to build leadership and confidence in youth programs. We are constructing education and peer support groups to offer guidance for a variety of mental health issues, particularly with the tween and teenage groups. Information can be found at Pizzastock.org.

Their next event is on Saturday, January 9 in the form of a live stream battle of the bands set at Events United, the company that put on the massive Dropkick Murphys Live Stream last March.

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