Episode 115: The Fiendz w/ Jerry Jones

the fiendz are a Jersey pop-punk band that formed in 1987. Their catalog includes 13 releases since 1987 including their James from Fun Size’s favorite album Wact which we talk about in this interview.

The fiendz are Jersey legends who had an influence on a ton of bands in the late 90s so I thought it would be fitting to have Jerry on the show. He said yes, and this is what we talk about:

  • His friendship with James from Fun Size
  • Changing up their sound
  • How they were able to play City Gardens with The Ramones
  • The lost Fiendz record
  • The show with GG Alan
  • Their album Wact
  • Their latest release
  • Transitioning into the late 90s as a band
  • Bill Stevenson
  • And a ton more

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