Episode 097: NJ Legend w/ Brian Granik

Brian Granik is a great person. He was super involved in the NJ scene back in the late 90s from promoting shows, being apart of Umbilical Records, playing with Houseboy and 5 Driver, and just always being front row to point that sweet finger of his up in the air when he sang along.

He was hesitant for a good amount of time until one day the stars aligned and he finally gave in. So I got him on Skype while we had many drinks and this is what we talked about:

  • Going to school with other NJ punk rockers
  • His thoughts on the scene itself
  • Working at Hot Topic in the Rockaway Mall
  • How Modesty Panel’s record got funded
  • White Powdered Donuts Comp
  • And a ton more

CORRECTION: Brian says, “Knuns With Guns”, in the interview. He meant to say “Barginn Doaner”.

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