Episode 085: Latex Generation w/ Tömmy Röckstar

Latex Generation is a New York, USA punk rock band formed in the early 1990s. The name was inspired by a news report heard on the radio by bassist Tommy Rockstar that spoke of the current generation of teens and the threat of STDs, especially the AIDS epidemic. The band of young high-schoolers (at that time) agreed to the name “Latex Generation” instead of “Dead Cat Lickers”. They are also referred to as “L8XG” or just “LG”. They went on to release 2 full-length CDs, 3 7″ records, a number of compilation album contributions and toured around the world. They are currently disbanded.

I got Tommy on the Skype and here’s what we talked about:

  • The difficulties of working for yourself
  • How he started screen printing
  • His Guns N Roses documentary
  • The Peawack in Long Island
  • Their logo
  • Motherbox Records
  • One Foot Records
  • Going on their first tour
  • The band Tilt
  • The Tijuana story
  • The Alien Story (you don’t want to miss this)
  • And a ton more

Check out their website – latexgeneration.com

Check out his screen-printing business here – https://www.underground.press/

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