Episode 084: Lobster Records w/ Steve Lubarsky

Lobster Records is an independent record label based in Santa Barbara, California. It was founded by Stevan Lubarsky in 1991. The label started with Bad Neighbor, a Montecito-based rock band, with a huge local following featuring Alan Duncan and Mark Bennett on guitars, Sean Murphy on drums, Todd Roll on Bass and Zak Remington on lead vocals. Former members include Lynn Strait on Bass (R.I.P Lynn) and Bobby Champagne on drums (R.I.P Bobby).

Steve went on to develop Buck Wild, featuring Lagwagon guitarist Shawn Dewey, and has since released records from marquee pop-punk acts such as Yellowcard and Over It. They have also started a new label title Oort Records which has signed bands such as Faster Faster and Nottingham.

I got Steve on Skype and this is what we talk about:

  • Promoting concerts in College
  • How he got the label name
  • Book Your Own Fucking Life not being the best resource for him
  • Losing the label to a shit deal
  • Focussing on artwork and top producers for the brand
  • Some Major Labels not knowing how to keep a bands sound
  • Joystick and NJ Joystick
  • The process of running a label
  • His releases being available on victorymerch.com without his knowledge
  • How Whippersnapper got on the label
  • How he plans on Rebooting the label
  • Looking for bands outside of California
  • The Whippersnapper MLB logo
  • And a ton more

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