Episode 080: Booking NJ Shows w/ Laura Ladisheff

Laura Ladisheff booked a ton of North Jersey shows in the 90s and also managed Humble Beginnings. She also helped my old bands Congress of Cow and Lanemeyer get on a ton of shows. 

I thought her story would be awesome and I was correct. Here is what we chat about:

  • Brian Granik
  • The Weston show at the Boonton KOC
  • Matt from Uprise
  • Managing Humble
  • Robotrips at Delvecchio’s House
  • How She helped Congress of Cow get Bruce the van
  • Jeremy joining Humble Beginnings
  • Jeff Kish from Dawson High/ Digger and Weston
  • Beth and Elizabeth from Hot Topic
  • Benson
  • Jay Blanda’s Mom following my webcomic
  • How I would only play another show if it was at Boonton legion hall
  • And a ton more

Go check out the organization she works for that helps Foster Kids at casaforchildren.org. Scroll down and click on the map to see where they are in your area.

You can also CLICK HERE to see the video I animated which explains the organization.

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