Episode 079: Strung Out / Pulley w/ Wendy Cherry

Jim Cherry was one of the five original members of the band Strung Out, playing bass guitar. He was also part of the initial lineup of the band Pulley, playing guitar. After releasing three albums with Strung Out, Cherry left the band in 1999. Shortly after, he formed the punk rock band Zero Down he passed away on July 7, 2002. In the liner notes of their album Exile in Oblivion, Strung Out dedicates the song “Swan Dive” to Cherry. Pulley dedicated the album Matters to Cherry, as well as the song “Thanks”. He is also mentioned in the NOFX song “Doornails” from their 2006 album, Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing.

After interviewing Johanna Hackett in Episode 64 I told her that I was looking to get more female perspectives from the scene and she introduced me to a few people. One of whom is Wendy Cherry who was married to Jim until he passed away. Before doing this interview I had no idea how much Jim contributed to both Strung Out and Pulley. This is a great interview because Wendy gives her perspective not only about the scene at that time but also tells a punk rock love story which is really endearing.

Here is what we talk about:

  • How she met Jim
  • Going to her first Strung Out / Pulley show
  • Jim and Jordan’s relationship
  • Helping to pull his publishing
  • The Poison Chicken Story
  • The Matters
  • the song Ultimate Devotion
  • She talks about how Jim passed away due to complications
  • And a ton more

Check out Jim’s last project Zero Down


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