Episode 078: Atom and His Package

Adam Goren was born in The Bronx on January 14, 1975, but grew up in Oreland, Pennsylvania. He played in several local bands as a youth. While Goren was still in school, a friend introduced him to music sequencers, and he began writing music with one in his spare time. In 1991, Goren joined the punk band Fracture, and he remained with them until 1995. Later he started performing shows as Atom and His Package, consisting of himself, a B.C. Rich guitar, and his QY700 music sequencer. In 1997 he released his first album, named The First CD, on Bloodlink Records. He released several more albums and EPs and has performed on several compilations and self-released EPs while touring internationally.

I reached out to Adam thanks to Chris Gethard and this is what we talk about:

  • His amazing website that still exists
  • Chris Gethard
  • Buying shitty albums
  • the band Fracture
  • How he found the Package
  • Playing on the Chris Gethard show
  • Playing Fest
  • Who did his artwork
  • The hate-mail he got
  • And a ton more

Check out his favorite band, Future of the Left.

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