Episode 073: Face First/Houston Calls w/ Jarrett Seltzer

Face First was a Ska Punk band that formed in Mendham, NJ when Jarret Seltzer met Tom Chitty Keiger. They played in the NJ Scene for a few years and eventually realized that ska sucks my ass and evolved into the sounds that was Houston Calls. From there they did a shit ton of touring, signed to Drive-Thru, and broke up in the mid-2000s.

I got Jarrett on the phone and this is what we talk about:

  • His Bagels
  • Meeting “Chitty”
  • Obsessions
  • Starting Decibel Records
  • Registering with CCM just to have health insurance
  • Becoming Houston Calls
  • Rushmore Records
  • And a ton more

Check out his bagel store – http://bagelsbyjarrett.com

And http://customtourpasses.com

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