Episode 063: Jill w/ Danny Dunlap

JILL was a pop-punk band, from San Angelo, TX, that was active from the years 1993 – 1997.
They self-released a 4-song cassette that led to Springbox Records (Benecia, CA) “signing” the band, releasing the Scary Thoughts 7” as well as the Just Like Fonzie EP.
They also released a split 7” with New Jersey pop-punk band True Zero, on Coolidge Records, and also had a song included on a 7” compilation released on Act Your Age Records.
Their sound could be described as a hooky combination of Lookout! Records era Green Day, Jawbreaker, and Ramones inspired bands such as Screeching Weasel.
I got Danny on the phone and this is what we talked about:
  • Apple
  • 80s music
  • Writing about girls
  • Playing in sketchy bars
  • Playing with Jimmy Eat World
  • Scrapping a full album that still exists
  • The Lavaleans (lava lean ahs)
  • Coolidge Records
  • The Fonzy Legal Story
  • How he met Alan Rappaport
  • Weird NJ
  • And a ton more

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