Episode 060: Hopeless Records w/ Louis Posen

Hopeless Records was founded in 1994 by Louis Posen. The label’s artists are generally considered to fall under the genres of punk rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, and alternative rock, but some also include elements of heavy metal. Some of their most well-known artists include All Time Low, Sum 41, Neck Deep, Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice, Yellowcard… 

Thanks to Denis 88 I was able to get Louis on the phone and this is what we talked about…

  • Heckle
  • Filming videos for NOFX and Guttermouth
  • Figuring out how to put out a record
  • What was Guttermouth like
  • The Sampler CDs
  • What they did to stand out in the industry
  • Davey Tiltwheel
  • Napster coming into the picture
  • And a ton more

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