Episode 058: The Overdrives/Bigwig w/ Josh Marsh

The Overdrives were a punk band from Nazareth, PA. They played with such as Grieving Eucalyptus, Weston, Digger, and other PA bands. I got Josh on the phone and this is what we talked about:

  • Nazareth, PA
  • Their current angel fire website
  • The beauty of tablature
  • Grieving Eucalyptus
  • The Feedmill practice space
  • Josh Bigwig giving him a copy of Unmerry Melodies
  • Getting on the Chuck Weston’s last show
  • The Serial Killer Comp
  • accidentally drinking his own piss
  • Joining Bigwig and playing his first show within hours of being asked
  • Witnessing what it was like to play in Canada as a member of Bigwig
  • Touring with the Bosstones
  • The real reason he left the band
  • The Matt Gray falling asleep story
  • And a ton more

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