Episode 057: Midtown Roadie Life w/ Alex Sarti

Alex Sarti is a show promoting, Roadie extraordinairing, Lorde managing, SOB. I met him in 1998 when he was putting on shows in Binghamton, NY and I thought it would be awesome to geek out with him about the late 90s scene. Annnnd, here’s what we talked about:

  • Managing the artist Lorde
  • The new NOFX book
  • The Victory Records Incompatible and Go Kart Records Double Exposure Comps
  • Columbia House
  • Booking shows in Binghamton
  • Introducing Ben from Armor for Sleep to his wife
  • The Movie Life story
  • Buddyhead
  • Midtown flipping their van
  • iSurrender Records release of Lanemeyer’s vinyl
  • Fallout Boy
  • Lifetime putting their record out on Decaydance
  • Matt Red Leader writing comic books
  • Talking shit about Midtown
  • Brian Fallon
  • And a ton more

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