Episode 054: Plan A Project w/ Dennis DeGraw

Plan A Project were a punk band from Northern New Jersey. Started in 1995 with Bassist/ Vocalist Danny DeSimoni, Guitarist/ Vocalist Dennis DeGraw and Drummer Kieth Wyland. Possessing an uncanny amount of energy, desire, and spirit that demanded respect. In the duration, 3 EPs were released and 2 studio albums (Go Kart records) with drummers Dennis Zyla, Tim Caspare and Paulie Yaremko.  

Dennis heard of the podcast from a buddy of his and emailed me to catch up. From there I said, let’s chat in an interview and he said yes.

  • Stealing wood from around town to build a halfpipe
  • Going to shows to learn how to play guitar
  • The back cover of Dookie
  • Coming up with the band name on the fly to get on a show
  • The Westwood garage
  • Creating their own merch
  • Against All Authority
  • What the NYC scene was like
  • Sleeping in a walk-in freezers
  • GoKart Records
  • The Tour with the Buzzcocks
  • And a ton more

I mentioned this week that there was a surprise and here it is. while setting up this interview, Dennis sent me a song and said this “When we decided to call it a day we went in and made sure we recorded something as we envisioned., something we wish made it out there sooner rather than never. With that, the lyrics pretty much sum up what being a member of plan A was about. Thought I’d share it as this song has never been heard outside of my very close friends .”

I immediately replied and said that he should get this on Bandcamp. Luckily, he had more songs and decided that I was a genius, took my advice and now these unreleased songs are available online.

Just go to – Planaproject.bandcamp.com 

Check out his art here – https://www.dennisdegraw.com/

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