Episode 051: My Pal Trigger w/ David and Jack

My Pal Trigger were a punk/emo band from the great state of Fl. Their members were  David, Jack, Jeremy, and Thomas Ellison. You most likely saw them playing a lot of shows in the late 90s with Discount.

You can find a bunch of their stuff on ashtraymonumentcol.wixsite.com

I reached out to David and Jack, asked if they’d like to chat, they were thrilled and this is what we talked about:

  • Destroying punk houses on tour
  • The new Metal version of My Pal Trigger
  • Jack meeting his drum teacher in a random parking lot
  • The schoolhouse venue in Fl
  • Talking about the Jersey scene
  • The enormous size of Florida
  • Chooch
  • Long ass drives on tour
  • Wesley Willis
  • The rope swing story
  • And a ton more

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