Episode 043: Mohawk Barbie w/ Trucker

Mohawk Barbie was Fast, Snide, Bathroom and Beer humor punk rock from the Garden Hate. They played a lot of shows with Lanemeyer, Bigwig, Humble Beginnings (Gabe of Midtown’s old band), Boxcar, Stick Figure Suicide, Beefcake and yes even Midtown. The bassist and drummer of this band, as well as some non-album members, went on to form the Human Adult Band.

I got in touch with Trucker and here’s what we talk about:

  • His new band Human Adult Band
  • His thoughts on Nevermind
  • Their show with Clincher
  • The “I have no legs” from the movie Kids cover
  • Watching Another State of Mind
  • What was the band’s relationship like?
  • The No Wiper Story
  • Still touring with his band Human Adult Band
  • The Palace in Bound Brook
  • And a ton more

Check out his record label – dihd.net

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