Episode 042: Weston w/ Chuck Saltern

Weston is a punk rock band hailing from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1990, they took their name from singer Dave Weston’s family, since his parents allowed them to practice in their basement. The band never found mainstream success but their energetic and irreverent live shows earned them legendary status amongst their peers as well as their fans. Following their major label debut, the band split up. It was announced on October 17, 2006, that Weston would be reuniting for three shows in late December. This led to even more reunion shows in following years and a live album released December 2009.

  • Not missing playing late at night
  • Helping a friend run away from home
  • Starting off writing harder sounding songs
  • Getting chased by the singer of Ignite with fireworks
  • The poop in the shower story
  • The Ricky Fataar story
  • What he thought about Got Beat Up
  • Their friendship and tour with Lifetime
  • The wrestling outfit he wore on stage
  • Why he left the band
  • The reunion shows they just played
  • The Gwar story
  • Alien from Latex Generation
  • Did he do an underground wrestling group?
  • And a ton more

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