Episode 040: Braid w/ Chris Broach

Braid is an American emo band from Champaign, Illinois, formed in 1993.

Following several early line-up changes, the band eventually settled on Bob, Todd, Chris and Damon. In 1998 the group released their third album, Frame & Canvas, to critical acclaim and is considered a staple of the late 90’s emo movement. Despite Frame & Canvass success, Braid disbanded in 1999. This lead to the formations of Hey Mercedes and Chris would continue with The Firebird Band which was previously a side project.

The band reunited shortly from June to August 2004, before disbanding again. In 2011, Braid reunited permanently, playing their 600th show and releasing a new album, No Coast.

I reached out to their FB page to see if they’d like to chat and got in touch with Chris Broach, he was down to talk and here’s what we chatted about:

  • The band not having a digestible sound
  • Skating with the dudes from Cap’n Jazz when they were in High School
  • Teaching himself how to play guitar based on what he thought sounded good
  • How he joined the band
  • Chicago pride
  • Touring a lot burning out the band
  • The Actuality of Thought DVD
  • Frame and Canvas (this part is sick)
  • Damon’s drumming
  • And a ton more

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