Episode 038: Farside w/ Popeye Vogelsang

Farside was an Orange County, CA punk band Farside formed in 1989, comprising frontman Popeye, guitarist Kevin Murphy, bassist Brian Chu and drummer Bob Beshear. Upon landing a deal with Revelation Records, the quartet issued their debut Rochambeau in 1992, followed a year later by Rigged; in the wake of a self-titled 1995 EP Farside was largely silent for the remainder of the decade, finally resurfacing in 1999 with The Monroe Doctrine. (thank you Revelation Records for having that write up for me to snag)

Below is what we talked about:

  • His brief stint with the Aquabats
  • His career as a voice over due to many years of singing and smoking
  • His band’s reaction when auditioning to be the singer
  • Zach De La Rocha being in the band for a hot second
  • What it was like being on Revelation Records
  • Staying at Walter Schreifels and Civ’s apartment
  • Not caring about major labels
  • Going on a tour that wasn’t booked
  • The Monroe Doctrine going way over budget
  • The song I Hope You’re Unhappy
  • Having massive stage fright
  • And a ton more

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