Episode 036: Knapsack w/ Blair Shehan

Knapsack formed in 1993 by band members Blair Shehan and Colby Mancasola who were 2 high school friends that went to UC Davis. They released 3 full-length albums which were Silver Sweepstakes, Day 3 of My New Life and This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now.

I fell in love with this band when my buddy Christopher James Barker played me Diamond Mine off of Day 3 of my new life. I always felt that the first 4 songs of that record were perfect but I would just play songs 1-4. When This Conversation is Ending Starting Right Now came out, I played that whole fucking thing on repeat for weeks. The album is flawless.

Needless to say, I was fucking fired up when Blair was down to get on a call so I could ask him questions about the band. Here is what we talked about:

  • His love of hardcore music
  • How they got on Alias Records
  • Touring while being in college
  • His thoughts on the first record
  • Did they or did they not play the Warped Tour at Action Park in NJ in 97
  • Getting Sergie in the band
  • How he writes a song
  • How he typically feels when one of his records comes out
  • Where that signature yell comes from
  • Jealous Sound
  • And a ton more

You can hear his new band here – Racquet Club

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