Episode 028: Lanemeyer w/ Chris Barker

Chris Barker is the reason I started playing music. We became best friends when we were 14, created Congress of Cow altogether which later became Lanemeyer. As you will hear in this episode, lanemeyer was a shit show. But this episode is more than just the oral history of Lanemeyer. It’s a conversation between 2 close friends over a few beers and some cheap chardonnay talking about the past 20 years. I’m not going to lie, this interview goes all over the place and is just about 3 hours long after I chopped 30 minutes off of it but I don’t care. I loved re-listening to it after I did the edit and I think this is the longest Chris and I have talked on the phone since we were in high school.

It’s the perfect bookend to this season and you’ll see why because here is what we talk about:

  • How we found Flipside
  • Doug Robinsons potty mouth
  • My Mike Ziobro deli meat story
  • Buying the wrong Blink’s first album
  • How we first met
  • Sandin Feuss kicking his ass in guitar
  • His disgust for the Beatles
  • My love for PM Dawn
  • Our Coffee House show where we got kicked off the stage
  • His fear of playing live shows
  • The Face to Face w/ Guttermouth show at Tramps
  • The Congress of Cow days
  • Chris finding out about Static Prevails
  • How he writes lyrics
  • Our love for Spanish Love Songs
  • Stories for the Big Screen
  • Our revolving door of guitar players
  • The moment he decided to quit the band
  • the Sean Smith voicemail
  • his stint at Drive Thru after he quit the band
  • the midtown show in Orlando Florida
  • Day at the Fair
  • His bromance with Josh Humble
  • Lots of randomness
  • the song he wrote about my divorce
  • And a ton more

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