Episode 027: Shower With Goats w/ Steve Papp

Shower With Goats existed as part of the NJPP (New Jersey Pop Punk) scene from 1994-2000. They were well known for their unique blend of raw, upbeat punk tunes backed with emphatic vocals. Their influences ranged from many bands including Fifteen, Face To Face, Quit, Big Drill Car, All, Rhythm Collision, and even Crass on occasion. They went on to release several 7” records, 1 full length, and copious unreleased tracks on scattered compilation releases.

My old band Congress of Cow who later became Lanemeyer used to play a bunch of shows with them back in the day so I know Steve personally which made this a fun interview. They were a staple band in what people can argue is the Central or South Jersey scene.

Check out his Not For Profit label to help support the charities they help out with. 

Also, check out their facebook page by clicking here.

The 2 of us got on a call and this is what we discussed:

  • His not for profit record label
  • The Westboro Baptist Church
  • The Derby Firehouse
  • His love for the Ramones
  • His metal band with Dave before Shower with Goats
  • Less than Jake staying with him for a week when they were on tour and playing in his living room
  • Their song “I Eat You” breaking the ice at shows
  • Struggling with shyness and depression and the band breaking him out of it
  • The Carlisle PA debacle of a show which started the ending of Congress of Cow
  • Their LP cover being designed by Pete Wonsowski who also designed artwork for Less Than Jake
  • Springman putting Fallon’s song on their comp
  • His recent lottery winnings
  • His split 7’ with Chris from Less Than Jake
  • And a ton more

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