Episode 024: Flipside Records/True Zero w/ Alan Rappaport

If you grew up in Northern Jersey and needed a place to find independent music you would go to Scotti’s record shop in Morristown, sound exchange on rte 23, hot topic in the Rockaway mall (yes that’s where you could actually find bands) OR you could take a ride to Pompton Lakes and visit Flipside Records where you would find Alan Rappaport manning the register. He opened people’s eyes to bands like Sicko, Discount, Plow United, Mineral and Jimmy Eat World before they were making videos about underwear pool parties.

My friends and I would pile into my buddy Lucc’s car, drive to Flipside and use whatever money we could find to stock up on new music. I wanted to get his perspective on the scene back then, he said “totally down man” and this is what we talked about:

  • Who actually kicked him out of Lanemeyer
  • Disney World’s effect on his punk rockness
  • How he started working at Flipside
  • Introducing Donuts and Glory and Steve from Right Turn Eddie
  • His Lua pool party shows with Discount, My Pal  Trigger and LTJ
  • His relationship with Jimmy Eat World
  • The Backstage rehearsal studio
  • And a ton more

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