Episode 022: Backyard Shows/Example 24 w/ Kraig Marshall

Kraig Marshall graced the NJ scene in the late 90s with his backyard shows, his band Sticker, and then went on to form Example 24 which took him in a completely different direction, musically. This interview goes in many directions but the one thing that’s unmistakable is how passionate Kraig is about music and his roots.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The Masonic Temple in Ridgewood
  • Filming videos of 7-seconds and Ministry
  • The Pure drive in creating music
  • Jeremy Humble’s keen fashion sense
  • Getting added last minute to shows
  • The bad blood with Sticker after he got dropped
  • His backyard shows
  • Example 24 starting with one sound and then taking a hard left
  • His relationship with Richard from Filter when Title of Record came out
  • His transition to just writing songs and then finding people to tour with
  • We jump back to talking about Sticker and his backyard shows
  • And a ton more

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