Episode 019: Sticker/Highstrung/Humble Beginnings w/ Jeremy Hernandez

Jeremy Hernandez eyes were opened to the punk scene when he first heard bands like Fugazi and Quicksand. This lead him to playing in bands like Sticker, Highstrung, Humble Beginnings, Bigwig, Near Miss and now his current bands A Balance Between and Red Hymns.

I met Jeremy when he was in Highstrung but didn’t really get to know him until he joined humble beginnings about 20 years ago. Since tomorrow is the Lanemeyer/Humble reunion show I thought it would be a swell idea to go back in time and see what lead him on his path to living and breathing music for the past 2 decades.

I asked him to chat, he said sure thing Foil and here’s what we talk about:

  • Sean Lanemeyer’s old house
  • Aggressive inline skating
  • The video of the first Sticker show
  • John from bigwig buying his bass and not paying for a long time
  • The transition from Sticker to Highstrung
  • The Highstrung demo tape
  • Why didn’t we put actual years on the dates of flyers
  • The deck show at Barker’s house with Dillenger Four that got shut down
  • Pat from Highstrung being the GOAT on drummer
  • where did the name 334 come from
  • Chris from Humble’s basement
  • Eyeball records and Alan Duches
  • The Ernie ball competition
  • Even and Saves the Day
  • The Humble Beginnings / Lanemeyer tour
  • His stint in Bigwig
  • How Near Miss came about
  • Fearless Records suggestion for revisions to his band
  • Moving back to Jersey
  • And a ton more

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