Episode 016: Taxicab Samurais w/ Dave Flores

Taxicab Samurais were a ska punk band made up of members Dave, Dan, Chris, Mark, Mike and Roman. They were influenced by Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Youth of Today, Slapstick, Suicide Machines, Bosstones, LTJ, H2O, Face to Face.

I asked Dave Flores if he’d grace the podcast with his words and he agreed. Here’s what we talk about –

  • The North Jersey Pop Punk facebook group
  • His daily life with Robert Heiner of Humble Beginnings
  • His first band called Urine
  • What made them go the Ska route
  • Back to the beach introducing Ska to us
  • Being courted by Some Records
  • His uncle hand in Roulette Records became Pinball
  • The demo he still owes Joe Pulito
  • Ben from Random Task
  • The benefit of compilations
  • What was the dynamic like in the band
  • Razza
  • Jon bigwigs influence on Daves facial hair
  • The Face to Face, Suicide Machines Show at Irving Plaza
  • Getting merchandise printed on Workshirts
  • The Tuesday Broadways West Orange Show
  • The 2000 flushes incident
  • The throw down at West Orange
  • And a ton more

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