Episode 013: LWL w/ Steve Jaworski

Penfold was a Jersey post-punk emo band who formed in 1995 with members Brian, Mike, Rich, and Steve. The natural course of live performances soon ensued and the band began to build a small following. After playing music together for over 10 years, 3 record releases (1997’s “your eyes have all the answers” 7 inch, 1998’s “amateurs and professionals” EP, and 2001’s “our first taste of escape” LP) and hundreds of live shows, in March of 2003 penfold decided to call it a day.

Their final show took place in Old Bridge, New Jersey at the M & M hall on March 22nd. They played 2 sets lovingly to an audience of old and new friends from all over the world. It was an incredible day for the four. 

I reached out to Brian Carley who fronted the band, asked if he wanted to give the fine audience of this podcast some insight into the band and this is what we talked about:

  • Which Led Zeppelin song first gave him the feels
  • His love for 120 minutes
  • How bands shirts would get people weird looks in high school
  • The NJ lottery gifting him his first guitar
  • The dynamic of the brothers in the band
  • Were his parents into him being in a band?
  • How Ben from Dillinger Escape plan told him about Trax East while in the computer lab in college
  • Who was it that gave him confidence about his voice
  • What was up with the white shirts?
  • What was up with our amps
  • Did they like being called emo?
  • What’s I’ll take you everywhere actually about
  • What would he do differently if he could go in time
  • The Japan shows
  • Is he playing music now
  • And more

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