Episode 012: LWL w/ Steve Jaworski

LWL is a three piece pop-punk band from the quaint woodland community of Bernardsville, NJ. Their band members consisted of Steve on guitar and vocals, Rob on bass and Ivan on the drums.

Unlike the many other punk bands which call NJ their home, LWL had a magnificent sound all to their own. The fierce but catchy guitar riffs combined with the overpowering tone of the bass and the blazing speed of the drums created a sound which is all but dull. Add in melodic vocals and stirring harmonies and you’ve got a masterpiece. No, wait, you’ve got LWL.

Thank you Sputnikmusic.com for doing the work for me on that write-up. I was able to reconnect with Steve a few weeks back and break down the origins of the band.

In this interview, we talk about –

  • We briefly talk about Avery
  • How they started playing shows
  • Dan from Joystick
  • How he preferred local bands over bigger bands
  • Taxicab Samurais
  • What is Left Wing Lester
  • Which songwriting style was easier to write, a pissed off song or happy song?
  • Rob joining the band and how it benefited the band
  • Our weekend tour with them
  • How Steve’s geeking out on the WWE got me into it
  • Jay Pinball
  • Their school bus
  • What was up with Dunkin Donuts
  • More Dan from Joystick
  • Why other bands made it and we didn’t
  • Heath Midtown almost being in the band
  • How he reconnected with Chris Badami after listening to this podcast
  • And a shit ton more

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